Nabad - pulse of the art scene


A contemporary art gallery based in Amman, Jordan, Nabad has been exhibiting and providing artworks by emerging and established artists from Jordan since 2008. In addition to seeking to promote Jordanian art, Nabad also showcases a number of artists from the wider Arab world and beyond, with a view to cultivating intercultural dialogue among artists and with the public.


To complement its fine art program, Nabad offers professional art classes in drawing and painting for all ages and levels. Nabad periodically organizes and hosts cultural events, such as lectures and book signings.


The Gallery occupies a renovated 1930s residence in the historic neighbourhood of Jabal Amman, which is fast becoming Amman’s cultural hub.



In addition to regularly holding nine or more solo and group exhibitions every year, Nabad holds its annual “Trendsetting” exhibition series, launched in 2010 and dedicated to promoting the art of design in Jordan. Each year, a small group of artists, architects and interior designers are invited to exhibit limited-edited conceptual, decorative and functional objects that have been especially created for the show.


Nabad also showcases the works of young promising artists through a series of annual exhibitions of works by talented art students and fresh graduates.



Nabad houses a diverse inventory of artworks and has access to a wide range of paintings, limited edition prints, photographic works and sculptures by local and regional artists.


As a fine art resource, Nabad offers comprehensive consultancy services to individual and institutional collectors, assisting in the selection, placement, installation and documentation of artworks.

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